Condolence & Memory Journal

Mick and Dorth,

Thank you for leaving a message. If I ever feel like I need inspiration and a motivation to live, you are only a few keystones away.

See you soon and I will be frequenting this page.

Love you,


Posted by A friend   January 20, 2019

This is the best obituary I ever read. I sent it to many people. May Mick's family know that his zest for life, love of his family, and sense of humor gave the readers of his obit a smile and an idea about composing our own obits, not the usual dreary kind, but one that will make family, friends and strangers -- all those left behind smile.

Posted by Patricia P Jennings - Carnegie, PA   January 18, 2019

I don't know Mick - never met him, just happened to read his obituary in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. But I want to thank him for reminding us all 'What Life is All About'. And how amazing that even after he has started his long vacation from this temporary place, he is still touching lives and making strangers smile. My sympathies to his family and friends.

Posted by MJ - Pittsburgh, PA   January 15, 2019

Prayers to the family I didn't know your family but Mick's obituary was very touching and moving I know him and Dorth are dancing in heaven. May God bless you all.

Posted by Julie Michalak - Pgh, PA   January 14, 2019

Hey Mick! Thank you for the wonderful obit...I'm inspired to do a similar one. Life's too short not to be happy even when we're "packing for vacation". Enjoy paradise! Hope to meet you and Dorth someday.
God bless you and your lucky family.

Posted by dj m - Gibsonia, PA   January 14, 2019

I did not know Mick, but feel like I do now. That was hands down the most powerful obituary! We should all strive for more quality family time like he mentions. My thoughts and prayers are with your family at this time. He is obviously where he wants to be.

Posted by Jane Trimble - Seven Fields, PA   January 14, 2019

I don't know your father but from his obituary I can tell he was an extraordinary man who loved his wife and family. His obituary was witty and unique, filled with humor for all those mourning him. Actually brought a smile to my face reading about a man who obviously lived life to the fullest. I would have loved to known him. You have my deepest sympathy.

Posted by Nancy Zewe - Pittsburgh, PA   January 14, 2019

I never new your father either. but his obituary was beautiful. You are all so lucky to have been in his life. I hope you all will share his love the rest of your lives.

Posted by A friend   January 14, 2019

Oh! Wow, that is surely true love. I am so sorry. LC

Posted by L C - Pittsburgh, PA   January 14, 2019

Amy and Michael:

We are so sorry to hear that you lost your Dad so soon after your Mom. Your parents always had a welcoming home and made us all feel like family. They lived life to the fullest and with so much happiness! There is a special place in heaven for the parents of the kids from Clearfied Street and Place.

Christine Wallace Saitta

Posted by Christibe Saitta - Bethel Park, PA   January 13, 2019

Amy, Michael, and Families:
Your Dad was a good neighbor and friend who will be missed. The neighborhood has not been the same since your parents moved and now they are both gone. Please know how much your Dad (and Mom) loved the whole family and talked about them all the time - per your Dad's visits on our front porch. Be thankful your children got to know both their grandparents and realize what great people they were.
Thinking of you all,
Denny and Diane Loos

Posted by Denny and Diane Loos - Pittsburgh, PA - Friend   January 13, 2019

Awesome obituary Mick, you nailed it! I wish I had known you as we would have been very good friends. We have the same sense of humor and the same outlook on life and death and life. I'm asking the Good Lord for 10 more years of retirement before I check-out, at that time I too will be 75. My thoughts are if I haven't done everything I needed or wanted to do by then; it either didn't need done or I really didn't want to do it in the first place. If you don't mind I will look you up when I get there. Until then, may you and Dorth have a most wonderful vacation!


Posted by Barry Holland - Gibsonia, PA   January 13, 2019

Forest for the trees

My brother, Mick, was meticulous. Everything that he did was researched and scanned several times before being enacted. At one time, he was a machinist, which fed his penchant for precision.

Soon after buying a home, Mick and Dorth (mostly Mick) decided to remodel the basement. Mick had a vision of incorporating a through window for a small black-and-white TV into the storage beneath the stairs. That was going to be a tough cut. There was one spot, however, that really required attention. This was an overhead area next to the furnace, where there was a steel I-beam and duct work in addition to a steel lally column that supported the I-beam. Mick took hours transferring measurement after measurement onto the paneling. He would clip 1/32 to compensate for the kerf of the saw blade. After a night of me holding the other end of a straightedge, it was time to cut. Mick took the jigsaw and slowly cut the pattern, being careful not to round inside corners and keep the outside corners sharp as well. Finally, the perfectly precise cut was done and we foxtailed the dust off the piece and pulled it from the garage into the basement.

The two of us hefted it overhead, but it didn't look right. How could this piece of perfection not be right? And then, we turned it over and realized that all the perfect measurements that had been painstakingly transferred over the hours were done in reverse. I looked and said, "we have a great template for it now." Mick went up the stairs, swearing a blue streak.

Eventually, he came back down, we cut another one (using the template), and it fit like a glove.

I love you, Mick!

Posted by Steven Scheider - St. Petersburg, FL - Brother   January 13, 2019

Mick was such a great person to know. Funny, strong minded, and respectful. May he Rest In Peace along with Dorth.
My sympathies to the entire Scheider family.

Posted by Jeff Morris - Pittsburgh, PA   January 13, 2019

Wow, I never met you Mick, but wish I had after reading your obituary. What a fine exit. Be blessed Family of Mick for I can tell he left a legacy of love.

Posted by Marlane Lord - Delmont, PA   January 13, 2019

Best obit ever Mick Schneider. You did it right my friend. Enjoy your bride and the Wizard of Oz. Peace

Posted by Nino    January 13, 2019

Amy & Michael, your father was an amazing man and left a beautiful legacy! It was a privilege for all who knew! May your lives and beautiful memories continue to honor your father and mother. Sincere condolences.

Posted by Anonymous    January 13, 2019

What a cool obituary, sounds like Mick and Dorth sure enjoyed their lives. I do not know him or the family but I can tell he will be missed. Deepest sympathy to the family and friends.

Posted by Carol Masterson - Monroeville, PA   January 13, 2019